Why Tennessee Must Push Back Against Critical Race Theory | Opinion

Why Tennessee must push back against critical race theory | Opinion

The “theory” critical race theorists bring to the classroom is: Slavery is America’s original sin and no amount of holy water can cleanse the stain.

Why Tennessee lawmakers must protect Medicare Advantage plan for its seniors | Featured Letter

In Tennessee alone, more than 587,000 people have chosen to go with a Medicare Advantage plan to cover their health care needs, and there are millions more, in fact over 26 million, ...

A Tennessee flag is flying above the N.C. capitol building - here’s why

A Tennessee state flag could be seen flying proudly over the North Carolina capitol building in Raleigh on Tuesday - but why is that?

Why vaccine incentives may not be as effective as states hope

While free beer, baseball tickets and other incentives may help states increase vaccination rates, health experts say they won't produce a jump in numbers.

Why we must stand up for our nurses!

Sabrina Almeida In Canada we tend to take our health care system and workers for granted. Hopefully the pandemic has shown us how deeply our well-being is ...

Link Tank: Monster on Netflix Is a Must-Watch Legal Drama Film

A review of Monster on Netflix, reexamining remote working, the Lord of the Rings series' enormous budget, and more in today's Link Tank.

Why preclinical research models must reflect diverse populations

In a new report, researchers cite a dire need to increase diversity in preclinical research using (HCL). Currently, some 95% of commonly used cell lines come from people of European descent. The ...

Why America Must Be a Sea Power

A naval-centric strategy will protect liberty, keep the global commons free, and shift boots-on-the-ground duties to allies.

We'll know exactly who Tennessee Titans are in first half of 2021 NFL season. Here's why

How the Tennessee Titans handle the first half of their 2021 schedule could tell us what kind of success (or failure) they’ll be in for come January.

Why critical race theory must not be banned

Its advocates demand that CRT inform the culture of higher education and the pedagogy practised in schools. CRT, they claim, illuminates virtually every area of life. Opponents of CRT, on the other ...

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