What Lumber And Gold Prices Tell Us About The Stock Market���s Next Move

Lumber Prices Are FINALLY Falling. Here's Why—and What It Means for You.

Lumber prices have peaked and begun to fall from their record highs in the spring. Unfortunately, that may not immediately translate to more 2x4 availability, or lower costs for new construction ...

Lumber prices have plunged, but experts don't expect them to go back to pre-pandemic levels

While lumber prices have plunged in recent weeks, industry experts say increased demand and limited supply will keep the cost of softwood lumber above pre-pandemic levels for years to come.

Lumber Prices are Crashing: What That Means for Home Depot

The price of lumber shot higher over the past year. Now, it's crashing down and some wonder if it will threaten earnings.

Record Lumber Prices Deliver Sawmills a Windfall

Forest-product firms notched record profits during the spring quarter, when wood prices surged thanks to the pandemic forest-product frenzy.

Lumber is Down a Whopping 40%, and Still At Historic Highs – An Expert Weighs In

Lumber has been having quite the moment as of late. The ordinarily quiet commodity market has been the center of attention since a booming housing market and supply strain disruptions lead to ...

Dramatic Upsurge Of Lumber Prices Will Impact Builders And Buyers For Months Ahead

The roller-coaster prices hit both large national entry-level builders and custom luxury home developers building on speculation.

Making memories with scrap lumber and boxes

This column by Donnis Hueftle-Bullock was originally published in the July 29, 2021 issue of the Custer County Chief.

Are Crashing Lumber Prices Good or Bad News for Home Depot and Lowe's?

Consumers did not stop spending on home improvement projects because of higher lumber prices. Home Depot and Lowe's both benefited from higher prices charged to customers. Lower lumber prices could be ...

Skyrocketing lumber costs, tight labor market challenge Chattanooga area builders and buyers

Gabe Thomas has 53 lots to sell in the new housing development he's building in Hixson, and 73 people on a waiting list to buy them. But there's a hitch in that plan.

What does the Lumber yard do in Tribes of Midgard – How to rebuild it?

To rebuild and get the lumberyard, you will need to gather the following resources up and donate them to the worksite in Tribes of Midgard. 12 Wooden Boards 9 Cut Stone 6 Wrought Iron 600 Souls What ...

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