Viral Hashtag Tied To Phoenix Suns Wins Raising Cash For Local Non Profit

Taliban Admit Killing Comic Who Was Beaten, Hands Tied, In Viral Video

The Taliban on Thursday said they had killed an Afghan police officer, better known for posting humourous videos online, after clips emerged on social media showing him being beaten and his dead body.

A TikTok creator said she faked a viral video about a cheating boyfriend watching the Olympics with a girl to 'bring in the likes and followers'

The woman behind the viral TikTok, which appears to expose a boyfriend cheating while watching the Olympics, said aspects of the video were untrue.

21 Differently-Abled Couples to Tie Knot at Mass Wedding in Udaipur, Will Endorse ‘Say No To Dowry’ Campaign

A total of 21 differently-abled and underprivileged couples will be masked while tying the knot at a mass wedding ceremony in Rajasthan’s Udaipur city and shall follow all norms of social distancing ...

Viewpoint: End the practice of nonconsensual pelvic exams

Women understand that pelvic exams are medically necessary and a normal part of wellness checkups. But too often in this country, they are performed unnecessarily and without a woman’s consent, ...

CDC FINALLY releases data showing vaccinated people have same viral levels of Delta variant

A new CDC report on Friday that fully vaccinated Americans can contract the Indian 'Delta' Covid variant more easily but are at a very low risk of severe disease, hospitalization or death.

New CDC study details cluster of breakthrough infections tied to July Fourth celebrations

The CDC released a new study Friday detailing how hundreds of vaccinated people became infected with the delta variant earlier this month along the Massachusetts coast. The outbreak helped trigger the ...

Elton John, other celebrities respond to rapper DaBaby after anti-gay comments go viral

The 29-year-old rapper is receiving widespread criticism for his comments about HIV, AIDS and the LGBTQ community.

Disha Parmar-Rahul Vaidya's home entry video going viral

Singer Rahul Vaidya and actress Disha Parmar, who are currently in the news for their wedding in the TV industry, are coming out with wedding photos a..|News Track ...

It's 'forbidden' to do comedy in 'Taliban' Reign! Comedian brutally murdered by slitting throat, video goes viral

Kabul: With the capture of major areas of Afghanistan, the Taliban have begun to show their brutality. A few days ago, the Taliban brutally killed Naz..|News Track ...

DWR getting fewer reports of sick, dying birds tied to avian mortality event

Virginia was one of the first states that received reports of birds with eye and neurological issues back in May.

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