Supermarkets Give Helping Hand To New Brands And Food Producers

The supermarket duopoly is a disaster for consumers. But don’t bet on a break-up

If you thought this week's damning report on the state of our supermarkets would augur big changes in the sector, brace yourself for disappointment. This column was first published on Bernard Hickey's ...

'Affordable' prices not passed to supermarket shoppers - supplier

Yum Granola’s Sarah Hedger says they’re doing all they can to keep prices affordable but supermarkets aren’t passing that on.

Hard working pupils given leaving gifts by Sheffield supermarket

Hard working primary school pupils were given sweet treats to reward their efforts by a Sheffield supermarket.

From social distancing bracelets to vaccine priority: how NSW supermarkets are tackling Covid

Woolworths and Coles stores are regularly listed as coronavirus exposure sites, prompting more precautions to ensure their doors stay open ...

From gelato to an app that compares supermarket prices, the social enterprise helping people gain business skills

From gellato to a price-comparison app, a social enterprise is helping people improve and gain business skills.

How you can earn £50,000 a year helping fill the UK's empty shelves

Pictures of empty supermarket shelves across the UK are once again making headlines. When the coronavirus pandemic first began, it was a result of panic-buying amid uncertainty of what a lockdown ...

Small muesli maker blows whistle on big supermarkets

As the Commerce Commission reports on the competitive behaviour of NZ's supermarket chains, a local food supplier speaks out about how hard they screw down prices.

On The Supermarket Scam, And On Tunisia’s Scrapping Of Democracy

Given that the two Australian supermarket chains that dominate our grocery industry routinely rack up profits in the order of $22 billion annually, that’s a no-brainer. Yet as with New Zealand’s other ...

The nanny boom: pandemic drives parents to seek extra help

Nanny agencies are experiencing unprecedented demand as parents seek an extra set of hands to ease the pressure of home schooling and working from home. Agencies are struggling to find enough nannies ...

Overweight people to be given Fitbits, supermarket discounts and vouchers on NHS

People struggling with being overweight may be given Fitbit watches and discounts to the supermarkets, according to reports. According to The Telegraph, the NHS is expected to launch a £6million ...

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