Question Time Reform To Shake Up Most Visible Part Of Parliamentary Sitting Day

What’s been done to reform police departments? The Post answers your questions.

What do you want to know about ongoing efforts to reform police departments? The Post’s Robert Klemko and John Sullivan answered your questions regarding the recent proposals to rethink policing and ...

Opinion: Dist. 18 Constituents Question Senator’s Priorities on Police Reform, Other Measures

One of the key responsibilities of elected officials is to safeguard those who are most vulnerable. But who does state Sen. Jeff Waldstreicher protect, and who does he serve? Those are the questions ...

View: The ideological reset for 1991 reforms was drafted into India’s growth strategy in 1980

However, even a rudimentary scholarly analysis suggests otherwise. It all began in 1980 — and unbelievably — under the prime ministership of Indira Gandhi, who has often been given the moniker of ...

The care sector urgently needs reform after suffering long term under-funding and neglect

Despite years of promises, the Department of Health and Social Care still doesn’t have a plan in place to reform the adult social care sector.

Piers Morgan confronts woke brigade on Blazing Saddles – 'so offended they'd implode'

That's just called the passage of time hun.” Mr Morgan, who walked out of Good Morning Britain after refusing to apologise about comments he made following Meghan and Harry’s Oprah Winfrey chat, ...

Greek lawmakers pass labour reform amid protests, strike

Greek lawmakers approved on Wednesday a labour reform bill that allows employees to opt for a longer working day in exchange for time off, a measure that has sparked strikes and protests by labour ...

Poor productivity growth warrants thought to major economic reform

The primary measure of productivity in the economy fell for the first time in almost a decade last financial year, the Productivity Commission says.

Why is inflation rising? Our economics reporters will explain and answer your questions.

The Washington Post’s Heather Long and Rachel Siegel will answer your questions on Thursday, June 17, at 1 p.m. Eastern time.

Schenectady seeking public involvement for panels guiding police reforms

City police are forming several civilian committees designed to oversee internal department reforms adopted earlier this spring as part of a state mandate. Officials are putting out the call for ...

It's past time we elect a Black woman governor

Black women remain severely underrepresented at every level of government but particularly in executive positions like governor.

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