Now Is A Good Time To Sell Your Extra Used Car; Hereís Why

What actually is crypto and why is it so chaotic right now? A beginner’s guide to bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin and more

Cryptocurrency has shot into the news lately: bursting into headlines with the same unstoppable energy that characterises their fluctuations in price. But as they move into the mainstream, they can be ...

My Focus Now Is on a Company's Business Rather Than Its Charts

There are so many broken charts that without a V-shaped bounce, good fundamental results may continue to get aggressively sold. We are seeing many traders get trapped beneath these aggressive selloffs ...

Crude is not in a 'supercycle,' says Pioneer Natural Resources CEO

Scott Sheffield, Pioneer Natural Resources CEO, joins 'Squawk on the Street' to discuss the company's quarterly earnings and his outlook for the oil industry.

UFC legend Brock Lesnar ‚Äėis just not‚Äô going to AEW despite being a free agent and WWE return at SummerSlam ‚Äėis possible‚Äô

BROCK LESNAR signing for All Elite Wrestling ‚Äėis just not‚Äô going to happen as speculation continues over his future. The legendary wrestler has ruled in both the ring and octagon during his iconic ...

One of Ahmaud Arbery's accused killers said 'no good deed goes unpunished' in a jail phone call

The jail phone call is one of 1500 of the three defendants' recorded conversations that the prosecution wants admitted as evidence at trial.

Dracula’s castle is now a vaccination site.

Vaccines will be available every weekend in May without an appointment at the castle, which says it is ‚Äúthe only castle in all of Transylvania‚ÄĚ that fits the description of Dracula‚Äôs castle in the ...

'Winning the lottery kind of luck': No one was injured after 2 small planes collided in Colorado

One plane landed at a nearby airport and the other used a parachute to land in a nearby field. All three people involved were not harmed.

Tech is not necessarily going to get hurt more than the broader market, says Hickey

Apple closed below its 200-day moving average for the first time in more than a year. Paul Hickey, Bespoke Investment Group, joins 'Tech Check' to discuss the move and what it says about the rest of ...

Pickle hard seltzer? Pickle lovers will think Afternoon Dillight is 'a really big dill'

Pickles are the perfect complement to a sandwich at lunch and can serve as a great, crunchy snack. But would you want a pickle-flavored hard seltzer?

Tim Cook Is Not a Hypocrite

When the then-governor of Indiana signed a religious-freedom bill that would protect the right of Americans to legally practice their religion in his state, Tim Cook opposed it forthrightl y. The ...

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