Non Profit Cooking Free Meals For People Without Power In Fort Smith

Non-profit cooking free meals for people without power in Fort Smith

A River Valley non-profit will be serving free meals for people without power in Fort Smith on Tuesday. Pay It Forward Ft. Smith (PIFFS) will be serving food from 11 ...

Sunflower Hill Receives Grant for Cooking Programs

Sunflower Hill has received a $1,250 grant from East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) for its residential and non-residential cooking programs.

World's Healthiest Foods, 2nd Edition: The Force For Change To Health-Promoting Foods and New Nutrient-Rich Cooking

The World's Healthiest Foods Second Edition is Bigger and Better! If you own the first edition, you need the new World's Healthiest Foods Second Edition. Here are 8 reasons why: - The World's ...

Think you can cook on a budget? Join this community project's cooking contest to raise awareness about food wastage

Submit a video of you cooking a dish with ingredients that cost less than US$2.50 (RM10) on Facebook for the Rainbow of Life Forces (ROLF) Cook-On-Budget contest and stand a chance to win prizes. ROLF ...

Igo school cook named employee of the year by national School Nutrition Association

The national, non-profit School Nutrition Association has named Christine Edelstein-Dodds, assistant cook at Vincent Igo Elementary School, its National Employee of the Year.

NY nonprofit combats food insecurity, focuses on families ineligible for unemployment

A nonprofit located in Queens, New York, is tackling the issue of food insecurity in the United States head-on. Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, The Connected Chef focused on education, cooking ...

Central Florida nonprofit is helping to fill job openings in hospitality

A Central Florida nonprofit is helping to fill the growing number of job openings in the hospitality industry across the state. “Culinary at this present time is the field to be in, Florida is fast, ...

Warren Buffett And Tim Cook Snub Blockchain As Corporate Giants Embrace

Eight of the ten largest publicly traded companies in the world are now blockchain bulls, building a wide range of products that use the distributed ledger technology first popularized by bitcoin.

Local nonprofit VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice grants wishes of hospice patients

At VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice, the staff knows the healing power of making someone’s dreams come true. That’s why they have the Hospice Wish ...

COVID-19 backlog leaves 100s in Cook County Jail for over a year: report

Over 2,600 people have been in custody at the Cook County Jail or at home on electronic monitoring for more than a year as a massive backlog of felony cases has piled up.

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