Inside The Mysterious World Of Celebrity Beauty Brands

Inside the mysterious world of missing sports memorabilia

Some of the most treasured pieces of sports memorabilia are missing, can't be authenticated or... currently reside on the moon. A look at those mysterious historic items -- and what they'd be worth in ...

Inside the Mysterious World of Celebrity Beauty Brands

A look at who, exactly, is running the foggy universe of celebrity product lines — and why so many seem to vanish into thin air.

What is the ‘Havana syndrome’? Inside the creepy ‘directed energy’ attacks on US diplomats

A study commissioned by the State Department said the most likely source is a pulse of radiofrequency energy “directed” at US targets. And those targets aren’t just in far-flung embassies and CIA ...

'Time traveller from the future' warns 'stay inside' as mysterious darkness on the way

A man who claims he is, ahem, a time traveller from the future has made a bizarre prediction for the not-so-distant future. In a video on TikTok, he claimed the world would be plunged into darkness ...

Mysterious Ailments Are Said to Be More Widespread Among U.S. Personnel

Mysterious episodes that caused brain injuries in spies, diplomats, soldiers and other U.S. personnel overseas starting five years ago now number more than 130 people, far more than previously known, ...

The Broker, The Astronaut and The Vampire: Enter the mysterious world of Soviet watch collectors

With pseudonyms like The Broker, The Astronaut and The Vampire, this global cabal of watch collectors specialize in Soviet timepieces dating back to the days of Stalin.

Mother asks for help identifying a green 'vegetable' in her backyard – but is given a chilling warning not to touch the 'highly venomous' plant

Aussie mother Maryam posted a photo of the mysterious green 'vegetable' to Facebook and was quickly inundated with warnings the plant was a highly noxious weed called 'moth vine'.

4 unanswered questions about the mysterious company that began managing a big chunk of the internet minutes before Biden was sworn in

A small unknown company from Florida began overseeing a large portion of the internet owned by the Pentagon, leading to more questions than answers.

Mysterious brain injuries at embassies in China and Cuba trigger CIA probe

Reports of “long-term brain injuries including debilitating headaches” among staff from the US State Department, Defence Department and CIA who have served overseas have cause ...

Inside Politics: Boris Johnson’s unpaid debt court order ‘without merit’, says No 10

Downing Street has applied to cancel the county court judgement over a bill for £535, writes Adam Forrest ou can’t say anything nowadays! Tony Blair has attacked the minefield of woke culture – ...

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