Gold Prices Continue To Dip On Tuesday, Still Higher From June 1 Levels

Gold Price Forecast – Gold Markets Continue to Chop Around

Gold markets have gone back and forth during the course of the trading session on Wednesday as we are waiting for the Federal Reserve to get out of the way.

A Year After Gold’s Record High, Prices Continue to Slide. What It Will Take for a Rally.

If interest rates stay low or fall further, inflation rises, and growth falters, gold prices will “rise with gusto,” one analyst says.

Gold Prices Continue To Dip: Should You Buy?

Gold prices in India are retreating lower mirroring trend in the international markets. After gold prices in the international markets bounced back to $1800 per ounce there were expectations that gold ...

Gold Price Prediction – Gold Prices Edge Lower and Continue Rangebound Trade

Gold prices moved lower on Wednesday and continued to consolidate. The dollar sold off but the decline in the greenback failed to lift the yellow metal. Since gold prices are quoted in U.S. dollars, ...

Will gold continue its rally this week?

A positive trend was also seen in price movements last week as gold as well as silver gained by 0.7 and 1.2 per cent over the past week ending at $1,813.6 and $25.46, respectively. Similarly, gold ...

Where gold stands a year after hitting a record-high price

Nearly a year since gold marked its highest price on record, the precious metal has little to show for it. Here's what's led to the metal's price retreat ...

Gold prices decline, but tally a rise for the month

Gold futures finish lower on Friday, capping a strong week and month for bullion that recently saw prices touch a six-week high.

Gold watch: Mining costs continue to rise

Miners have additional costs related to COVID-19 which did not exist in Q1 2021, such as additional PPE, testing and quarantine procedures.

Gold Price Today: Gold, Silver gain on lower US bond yields but weakness to continue; DOMESTIC TRADERS watch out for these levels

Domestic prices will take cues from the international prices of Gold and Silver, Gupta said. The price of Gold Futures on CME was around USD 1805 and is expected to test levels of USD 1798, Gupta said ...

Gold, Silver prices fall over Rs 100; Weakness to continue over this week; Expert tells strategy for INVESTMENT, TRADING

Prices of gold and silver have been triggered by many factors including movement in US Dollar and impact of Coronavirus Delta Variant. On Thursday Gold was trading at a week's low. Analyst Anuj Gupta ...

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