Catalytic Converters Stolen From Parked Cars In Athlone

Catalytic Converter Stolen, Car Burglarized In Wheaton: Police

A catalytic converter was cut from a car and another vehicle was burglarized in Wheaton during the first week of May, according to a recent crime blotter. Police say someone stole a catalytic ...

Catalytic converters stolen from Guelph apartment parking lots: police

Guelph police say more catalytic converters have been stolen in the city as thefts of the exhaust components on vehicles have spiked this year. This time they were stolen from west-end apartment ...

$20,000 Worth Of Catalytic Converters Stolen From Colorado Nonprofit That Helps People Recovering From Addiction

Thieves targeting catalytic converters stole more than $20,000 worth of motor pieces from a nonprofit that helps recovering addicts improve their lives.

Toyota to covertly mark 100k catalytic converters to catch thieves

Robberies of the exhaust devices - which are made up of precious metals - have sky-rocketed as brazen criminal gangs have been hacking catalytic converters from the underside of vehicles.

Why are catalytic converters being stolen all over Ocala/Marion County?

Officials believe the theft of catalytic converters is on the rise because the metals inside the devices are in high demand and command a high price.

Rochester Man Caught With Stolen Catalytic Converters In Eyota

There may be a break in the recent series of catalytic converter thefts. A Rochester man was arrested Wednesday after being caught with several of the devices. An Olmsted County deputy spotted a ...

Catalytic converters stolen from vehicles in Guelph apartment buildings

Guelph police are investigating after three catalytic converters were stolen from vehicles parked at apartment buildings in the west end earlier this week.

Catalytic converters stolen from West Springfield businesses

Several catalytic converters were stolen in the Interstate Drive and Capital Drive business districts in West Springfield Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Catalytic converters worth £150,000 stolen from scrapyard

A LARGE quantity of catalytic converters worth an estimated £150,000 have been stolen from a recycling yard. They were taken, along with power tools, from Ammanford Recycling Ltd, off Shands Road, ...

Warning after catalytic converters stolen in Southampton

Officers are telling residents to be vigilant after three catalytic converters were stolen from vehicles over the weekend. On Saturday, it was reported that a catalytic converter had been stolen from ...

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