Cash In Circulation At Two Decade High

Cash in circulation at a decadal high even as digital payments soar

Withdrawal of benefit payouts and subsidies from Jan Dhan accounts, better agriculture output and farm-gate receipts, and even a statistical base effect. To be sure, the economy as a whole is expected ...

The rise of cash a transient symptom

The huge increase in Indias cash in circulation during the pandemic is no cause for alarm. Central bank data shows that currency in circulation touched a decadal high of 14.6% of GDP in 2020-21 ...

Paynearby on Surge in Cash Circulation Amidst Rise in Digital Payments

Cash in Circulation at a Decadal High even when Digital Payments have soared. At nearly a sixth of the gross domestic product (GDP), currency in circulation is at its highest in a decade, pointing to ...

Cryptocurrency Is Now Worth More Than All US Currency in Circulation

Cryptocurrencies are now worth more than all of the US currency currently in circulation. This is a significant milestone — but could indicate a bubble.

Cash circulation necessary to stimulate economy

The government had placed large sums of money into circulation to support the domestic economy during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The covid dash for cash awaits a clear response

Cash in circulation is reported to be surging amid pandemic insecurities. It may turn out to be just a blip, but banks and their regulator must adapt to such shifts in currency demand ...

China's new yuan loans drop in April

China's new yuan-denominated loans totaled 1.47 trillion yuan (about 228.77 billion U.S. dollars) in April, down 229.3 billion yuan year on year, central bank data showed Wednesday. The M2, a broad ...

There Is Now More Cryptocurrency Than There Are U.S Dollars In Circulation

Advertisement Would the government print trillions of more dollars now? Cryptocurrency paces ahead of all US dollars in circulation and experts are viewing it as a sign of a bubble. The latest in the ...

Hybrid Banknotes Can Bridge Cash and Crypto

Hybrid banknotes use a universally accepted payment method – cash – to deliver the benefits of digital money. Here's how they work.

Cash use in Israel jumped 17.5% in 2020

The amount of cash in circulation in the Israeli economy jumped by 17.5% or NIS 18.6 billion in 2020 to NIS 105 billion, the Bank of Israel reports. This compares with a rise of just 1.5% in 2019.

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