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National press ABCs: Reach Sundays continue to see biggest circulation fall in June 2021

The most popular newspapers in the UK according to the latest national press ABC figures breaking down the readership of every daily and Sunday title.

2020 Marks Highest Growth in Cash in Circulation During Eid-ul-Azha

The economic activity around Eid-ul-Azha is primarily cash-based. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) publishes weekly reports regarding ‘cash in ...

Lockdown Muscle Loss: 7 Ways to Get Back in Shape

Is lockdown over where you live? If you're heading back outside, it's time get back into shape and feeling your best! Here's the healthiest way to get fit.

One Piece Manga Nears 500 Million Copies in Circulation

One Piece manga debuted in Weekly Shonen on July 19, 1997, and look where it is now! Read on for the latest numbers!

Iowa wine and beer: Drink with your friends at these two festivals making in-person returns this year

Among the many activities withheld due to the COVID-19 pandemic were the age-old pastime of getting together and drinking with friends. Now, with a vaccine in circulation, festivals ...

Readers Write: The response to Simone Biles' decision, vaccination and masks, coin circulation woes, housing, Cuyuna Recreation Area

A July 30 letter writer critical of gymnast Simone Biles' decision to back out of Olympic competition ("Biles puts 'mind and body' ahead of gold," July 28) asks us to imagine our surgeon is having a ...

Tokyo Revengers Manga Leaps Past 32 Million Copies in Circulation

With a red hot anime adaptation currently running, Ken Wakui's Tokyo Revengers manga continues to grow in popularity and success.

'Like back in Syria': migrant volunteers clear up flood-hit Germany

Syrian volunteers have rushed to towns hit by Germany's most devastating floods in 60 years to clean them up and renovate homes, drawing on their experience with catastrophes in their homeland to help ...

No proof plastic screens stop Covid spreading in pubs or the workplace, SAGE says (despite the Government saying companies should use them)

New guidance after 'Freedom Day' told employers to consider placing screens and barriers between workers to Covid transmission, but a SAGE paper says they do not always help.

Plastic screens could worsen Covid risk in some situations, government told

Plastic screens could increase the risks of catching Covid in some circumstances, the government has been warned. Experts say screens may block or change airflow patterns or, in some cases, create ...

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